When you shop with Henkerman® you are in complete control.  You can pick and choose the exact quantities and types of hangers that best suit you. Start big or small - it's totally up to you!

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About the Shopping Process

The process for shopping via the Henkerman web site, is similar to the majority of ecommerce websites.  The process is as follows:


Our Classic Collections

For Women: Washed White Finish, Solid European Beech Wood with White Velvet Flocking and Pearl Nickel Hooks/Clips.
For Men: Mahogany Finish, Solid European Beech Wood with Black Velvet Flocking and Gold Hooks/Clips. 



We also offer Custom Made Henkerman hangers in a range of colours. Custom Hangers are made to order with a manufacture lead time.


Hanger Types

Across our collections, hangers come in 3 types: Coat, Shirt and Pant/Skirt.

3 Hanger Types


Hanger Dimensions

In general, men's clothing are much broader across the shoulder than women's clothing, so men's shirt hangers are designed 45cm wide x 26cm high x 2cm thick.  Women's shirt hangers are designed 38cm wide x 24cm high x 2cm thick.  Coat Hangers have the same dimensions as the shirt hangers however have a 4cm shoulder flare.  Men's and Women's Pant/Skirt Hangers are 35cm wide x 20cm high x 1cm thick.


What Quantity To Buy

We use a volume based price discount system.  This means the more you buy - the more you can save per hanger.

If you want to fit out your closet, go and count the number of pants/skirts, shirts and coats you have hanging up.  Write the numbers down and this is the number of hangers to order.  If counting is too much trouble, simply estimate your volume and choose from our selected packages.


Shopping Options

When you arrive at the site you are offered various category options (more options are available from the 'Shop' menu):

1. Classic Packages: We have pre-packaged options to making shopping fast and simple.  Select a quantity of hangers from 20 to 100 and get you on your way.

2. Classic Individual:  Specify which hangers and what quantity you want.  Choose either Collection (Men's or Women's), the hanger Style (Coat, Shirt or Pant/Skirt) and the quantity.  Get exactly what you need using this option.

3. Customised Hangers (Built to Order):  We have created a wide selection of colour ranges to choose from.  You may request to further customise the hardwood colours as well as the shoulder flock and hook/fitting colours. Finally choose the name plate you would like (Henkerman, Henkerman Indica, Your Name/Brand or No Name Plate). Please allow 6-10 weeks delivery for custom manufactured orders.

4. Gift Sets:  Our hanger sets make a beautiful and unique gift.  Boxed in black with a contrasting Henkerman ribbon, gift sets are sure to impress.  There is an option to have an engravers label with their name, logo or message from you on the back.  Get them a gift they will love to hang their most prized garments on for years to come.

5. Wedding Hangers: We can provide Classic Wedding Hangers from our stock collections complete with an engraved personalised name plaque celebrating the special day.


Shopping Links

Quick & easy hanger selections -> Hanger Packages

Specify the hangers you want -> Individual Hangers

Customize your exact needs -> Customised Hangers

Attractive gift boxed hanger sets -> Gift Boxes

Engraved wedding hangers -> Wedding & Gift Hangers 


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