What's with Donald Trump's Tie ... is it Code? Posted on 27 Oct 11:45

What's with Donald Trump's Ties

Have you ever wondered why Donald Trump's tie is so darn long? Did he lose a bet? Is it a secret code? Does size really matter ... and its a new-age signal of confidence? Has he been trying to start a new business guy fashion trend? Is the bottom of his golden mirror cut off? Is he just trying to get the world to talk about him a bit more (is that even possible)?

Well we decided to do some digging and see what the popular thoughts on the matter out there were.

Before we delve into this super important subject matter, let us first clarify the popular view on normal tie length. Answer: Well standard fashion states it should finish on the belt.  Here's a graphic borrowed from Steve at the University of Utah (his article in footer) that depicts it perfectly.

Perfect Tie Length

So Donald (who may or may not be able to see his belt) is really plunging to a new low here (so to speak)! After some research we have found a few answers that might help solve this great fashion-politico mystery.  It seems the theory that its a secret code is not so far fetched ... but perhaps not the type of code we thought.


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Theory 1: 'The Donald' is his own man and just has his own unique way of tying a tie.

Theory 2: He apparently only wears Brioni Ties which are 1 inch longer than the standard 58 Inches (147cm).

Theory 3: He wants to appear slimmer.  If you are fuller figured as a male, one of the things you really want to avoid is tying your tie too short.  This is because it will sit on your belly and make you look a bit more Jabba the Hutt than Luke Skywalker if you know what we mean.

Theory 4: It is code for 'I'm more powerful than you'! And the 'encoder' is his illustrious tailor. Like a Superhero (or Villain) they say to appear more powerful you need to give yourself the appearance of a V-Shaped bod. His suits are therefore tailored to give him much wider shoulders to achieve this effect, but to really pull off the all powerful V-shaped look, the long tie adds the finishing touch by making the V longer and making him seem taller.  It is thought for this reason, you'll never see Trump take his jacket off with his tie on. Who knew you could turn a humble pear into a super carrot ... well played - well played indeed!

So is it really Theory 4 or is he just not up on fashion standards?  Well, we may never truly know the answer to this all important and perplexing question, but it's been entertaining to ponder all the same.

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